Do you regularly wear a seatbelt?

Recently I was talking with a friend about why we do spiritual disciplines like prayer and Bible study. She answered that they are what keep you moving forward when your life gets rocky. They help keep us stable, and help us realize that life will continue on, that God is in control. I answered, “Kind of like a seatbelt?”

Just like seatbelts! Think about it, seatbelts allow us to drive faster, safer. They hold us in place when we need to take a fast turn. They hold us in a place of safety when we hit a speed bump. Even more importantly, they can be what gets us through a car crash.

We may not feel like we need scripture or prayer when life is going well, but our spiritual disciplines are what allow us to go faster, safer: in our marriages, with our children, in our workplace. They help keep us going when life gets out of control. If we know scripture, it immediately comes to mind to remind us that God is in control, that Jesus’s yoke is light, or that the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. Scripture is one of the straps of the seatbelt that support and encourage us when life starts to get out of control. It reminds us of who God is and what God is doing, and what God can do.

This summer we will be looking at Go-to or favorite Bible verses. Many of our congregation submitted their favorite Bible verses, and why they like them, or why they are meaningful. I am sure they will bless you as well.

We invite you to join in. Maybe share your favorite Bible verse with us at, on Facebook, or our new church communication platform, Realm. Spend some time reflecting on each day’s verse and how it speaks into your life now. Use the added reflection questions to let these Go-to verses sink into your life.

Later in these devotions, there will be a list of top 10 scriptures for different life situations. Take some time to reflect on them and let them sink into your hearts and minds, so they will be there, like a seatbelt, when needed! Or Google “Top 10 Bible Verses When Worried” or “Top 10 Bible Verses to Praise God” or whatever your particular life calls for!


Shannon Jordan


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