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May 1st, 2016 - Sunday Services: 8am, 9:30am, 11am.

Join us as Pastor Pete James leads our morning services. Today's scripture is from 2 Corinthians 5:16-21 and sermon entitled "The Power to Change"

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Assembly Required with Pete James

I had a flashback this week. I’m back in college. It’s the spring semester of my junior year... Until this class, I was a rather unspectacular student. My grades were nothing special—mostly B’s and C’s. My identity was tied to playing football and maintaining an active social life. My study skills were atrocious. I chose this elective on religion largely on account of my newfound faith and interest in reading the Bible.

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Hard of Listening with Pastor Pete James

Mount Saint Helens was the most destructive volcano in the history of our country... The people living near the mountain and its hikers didn’t hear the explosion. They were contained in what scientists call a “zone of silence.” The thrust of the blast sent the sound upward into the atmosphere and away from the source of the blast. Some of us are living in a zone of silence. Even though God is active and communicating, some of us aren’t listening.

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Spirit Longing with Pastor Pete James

Renew means to make new again. This very word communicates its meaning—re: new. We renew passports and driver’s licenses. We renew leases and business contracts. Why would it come as any surprise to us that God wants to renew us? Renewal is not only the concern of the super-committed... God wants to renew every last one of us!

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An Easter Life of Renewal with Pastor David Jordan-Haas

In case you’ve already lost the Easter-Celebration spirit, here’s a great celebration moment to get us back in the mood. It’s just a baseball game, but, hey, the first pitch of the Home Opener at Nationals Park is this Thursday at 4:05pm! Here’s the set-up to this clip: It’s last year’s World Series...

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Easter Sunday with Pastor Pete James

Along Highway 7 in Ontario, Canada, a homeowner communicated the Easter message in big, bold letters on the rooftop of his home, “Jesus is Alive.” The man living next door, I’m not sure whether he was doing it for spite or to be funny, posted another sign on his roof, in huge, block letters, “So is Elvis.”

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Good Friday with First Baptist Church of Vienna

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Do Not Judge with Paster Glenda Simpkins Hoffman

I have to confess my struggle with judging. When Pete gave me this date to preach, I thought, “Really, I have to preach on daylight saving Sunday?” And then, when he told me the topic, I wondered, “Does he think I’m judgmental?”

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Overcoming Anxiety with Pete James

I am careful not to preach partisan politics from this pulpit. I do not endorse candidates or try to influence your vote. But I’ve been carrying around two concerns this week I can’t seem to shake regarding the race for president. The first concern may be obvious but worth restating. The second concern is more subtle, but directly related to today’s lesson.

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