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October 23rd 2016 - Three Sunday morning worship services are available: 8am (youth led), 9:30am (contemporary) and 11am (traditional). Join us as Pastor Glenda Simpkins Hoffman preaches from scripture Luke 12:13-21.

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Treasures in Heaven with Pastor Pete James

I have had, over the years, an uneasy relationship with money. It doesn't seem to matter much if I have too much or too little, it seems to do a number on me. It has an emotional appeal over me...

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See Yourself as Sent with Pastor Stan Ott

Our God is the God of hope and you and I have been given the gift of receiving hope as we rely on Jesus and we've been given the mission of sharing that hope as we share the compassion and good news of Jesus.

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Things I Learned in Kindergarten with Pastor Pete James

Today we continue to look at Paul's letters to the Romans in chapter 12:9-21... this chapter is really not hard to understand. It really just goes back to what we all learned in kindergarten. Play nice, right? It's not hard to understand...just hard to do.

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Integrity Matters with Pastor Pete James

It is getting harder all the time to tell the difference between real and fake products. Take men’s Rolex watches. There’s a thriving counterfeit industry out there turning out imitation Rolex watches today. Can you tell which watch is authentic? ...The authentic self is what God has created us to be while the illusory self is what society wants us to be.

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Grace Gifts with Pastor Pete

Justin Bieber, at the tender age of 22, is already an accomplished singer and songwriter. He has sold 100 million records and digital downloads. His name appears in the news for other things, also. He’s been arrested numerous times for assorted indiscretions, shall we say. Bieber also identifies himself to be a follower of Jesus. He says, “You don’t have to go to church to be a Christian. If you go to Taco Bell, it doesn’t make you a taco.” I get his point. Going to church doesn’t necessarily make someone a Christian any more than going to Taco Bell makes someone a taco. Beiber represents many in our day who ascribe to the “I’m spiritual but not religious” mantra. There are lots of Christians who profess allegiance to Christ yet disavow any association with the local church.

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New Again with Pastor Pete James

I’ve lost track of the number of weddings I’ve done. I suspect it’s in the neighborhood of a thousand. I could write a book on all the things that have happened at weddings. Like the snake that made a guest appearance at a garden wedding or the bride who passed out during the ceremony or the mother-in-law who threatened her prospective son-in-law just prior to the service. Don’t get me started. Why am I telling you this? Because what Paul writes in Romans 12 equates to wedding vows...

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Meeting Jesus at His Table with Pastor David Jordan-Haas

To be in communion with one another, in community? It’s hard work, isn’t it? Jesus knows this all too well. Look at how quickly the disciples fled and scattered when the going got tough. That last night together Jesus knew all about His disciples. Trust that Jesus knows what you bring to this Table today.

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The Emmaus Principle with Pastor Stan Ott

At a pivotal moment in his ministry, Jesus looked at his disciples and simply said, “I have called you friends.” Our God is all about relationship, all about friendship. So this morning, we look at what it means to open our lives to new friendships...

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The Master’s Plan with Pastor Glenda Simpkins Hoffman

I have a confession to make... I’m an Olympic junkie. I love watching and I am inspired by all the incredible feats of these athletes. These Olympic moments are fun to watch, but what we don’t see is the way these athletes arranged their lives to get to where they are.

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