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Join us in worship Sunday, April 5, at 9:00 or 11:10am. Pastor Pete James is preaching on Romans 11:25-36.

Our original plan was to observe the Lord’s Supper in our usual manner this Sunday. So much for that! Our current quarantine moment changes everything. Your elders and worship leaders still desire for us to gather at the Lord’s Table together this Sunday. Our adjusted plan is as follows. We will observe communion together in our homes this Sunday. Our Presbytery permits churches to observe online communion to ensure public health in this extraordinary time. Session approved communion in the context of our electronic service this Sunday We know this decision runs contrary to our normal practice, yet there is nothing ordinary about this season in which we find ourselves. We are informing you ahead of time so you will not be taken by surprise. We invite you to set aside bread and juice (or wine) for use in worship. We invite you in worship this Lord’s Day to celebrate communion with the wider body of Christ at VPC. See you in worship this Sunday.

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