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Join us for worship at 9am only Sunday, May 28, to accommodate the Viva! Vienna! activities. We will have a family friendly worship service with Pastor Pete James and music with the Cathedral Brass and sanctuary choir.

Thank you to all who have provided feedback on our Live Broadcast. We've heard you and have updated our broadcast to a high-definition feed. Please let us know if your see an improvement or if your experience is less than stellar. Please email us at webcast@viennapres.org. Thanks!

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Second Chances with Pastor Pete James

The Bible is full of stories about God giving people second chances. God gives Abraham and Moses a second chance. God gives David a do-over in his colossal screw-up with Bathsheba. Jesus gives the thief on the cross a second chance.

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Come and Have Breakfast with David Jordan-Haas

While many enjoy Easter Sunday...fewer than two out of every four Americans believe that Jesus actually rose from the dead on Easter morning! Before I get into John’s Gospel let me give you three arguments for the proof of the Resurrection.

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Believing Is Seeing with Pastor Pete James

I need to come clean with you about something. I am a believer who wrestles with doubt. One question that badgers me is where is God in suffering?...Why do some prayers go unanswered? Why do the good die young and evil people prosper?

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Behind Locked Doors with Pastor Pete James

What is striking about today’s story is that Jesus’ disciples huddle behind locked doors. It is so descriptive of their mood. They are afraid for their lives. I thought of a story from three years ago of a man who jumped the fence at the White House....

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Easter Sunday with Pastor Pete James

It was my first year of college. Easter Sunday morning. I made a spur of the moment decision to go to church...I remember singing the Easter hymns and listening to the Easter sermon. I remember thinking I want to believe Easter... Yet the story seems so long ago and far away. What does it have to do with my real, everyday life?

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Victim or Victor? with Pastor Pete James

The church I attended as a child had a large stained-glass window stretched across the front of the sanctuary. I often looked at it when my mind wandered in worship. This happened a lot...

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A Plea for Unity with Pastor Pete James

I first entertained the notion of following Jesus in my first year of college. I had never before read the Bible...I figured the way to read the Bible is to start at the beginning. I fared pretty well in Genesis and Exodus. I bogged down in Numbers. No doubt reading a census of the 12 tribes of Israel had something to do with it. So many strange sounding names and obscure places that I lost interest...

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