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Join us In worship July 23, 9am and 10:45am. Pastor Charles Geschiere will continue in our Go-To Verses this summer with scripture from 2 Samuel 9. The worship band will lead our 9am service and the pick-up choir will lead the 10:45am service.

Thank you for joining us in worship. Please give us your feedback - what you liked, where we can improve - at webcast@viennapres.org.

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Love Times Two with David Jordan-Haas

Virginia is number one among all states of drivers driving with vanity plates... Today’s GO-TO Verses are what are described as the “Double-Love Standard” (Love God & Love Neighbor). So this got me thinking. If Jesus had his own wheels what would his vanity plate be to describe His Double-Love command?

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As the Deer with Connie Jordan-Haas

Due to technical difficulties, we were unable to LiveStream the July 2 sermon. Please click the 'watch video' link below to listen to this inspiring sermon by Connie Jordan-Haas.

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The Good and Beautiful Life

With everything that is happening in the world, it is hard not to be filled with gloom and doom, but Paul exhorts us: '“Rejoice in the Lord always.” Always? Really? Yes! In case we doubt it, Paul says, “Again I will say, Rejoice.” As we choose to rejoice, we turn from our false narratives and beliefs to God and what is true of us.

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A Letter to a Son with Pastor David Jordan-Haas

Fear is often the greatest challenge of our lives, isn’t it? We fear our own inadequacy. We fear someone speaking unfavorably about us. We fear being plagued by an illness... And fear saps our strength, it paralyzes us... Someone once said, “The more we fear, the less we live.”

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Grace to You with Pastor Pete James

In an interview some years ago, basketball superstar Lebron James said, “In Northeast Ohio, nothing is given. Every-thing is earned. You work for what you have.” Like Lebron James, I grew up in Northeast Ohio. You may be thinking we’re related somehow...

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Ignite Celebration Sunday! with Pastor Pete James

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