Bible Study in Fairfax County

Bible Study


Many people are interested in Bible Study but don’t know where to start. The Bible seems overwhelming and complicated, along with being huge! Besides all this many people remember reading the Bible as a child and remember it being hard to understand and boring.

The good news is anyone can study and understand the Bible. It’s filled with relatable stories about people and God’s love for them. The Bible is also full of wisdom about life and ideal life God wants everyone to enjoy. On top of the amazing historical stories found in the Bible, new translations have come out in the last few decades making it easier to understand than ever. If you’re looking for an updated version of the Bible, consider the New International Version or the New American Standard Version.

If you’re looking for a place to start studying the Bible, consider one of the books of the Bible about Jesus (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John). The book of Mark is a great place to start.

How to Study the Bible

Before you open the Bible, consider praying and asking God to speak to you through what you read. Then, go ahead and open the Bible and consider reading one chapter. Once you do, here are three easy steps to understanding and applying what you read.

Step 1: What does it say?

First, think through what you read. What stood out to you? Who were the characters? What words did you notice? What actually happened in the passage? Did anything surprise you? What is the point?

Step 2: What does it mean?

Why might what happened in the passage be important? Why is the point of the passage important? What can you learn from the passage about life or God?

Step 3: What does it mean to you?

How can you apply the passage to your life? Is there anything you think you should do or change in response to the passage? Is there anything God might be telling you to do in response to what you just read?


Before you end, pray and thank God for speaking to you during your reading.

Bible Study is Better in Groups

Here at Vienna Presbyterian, we have many groups of people interesting in studying the Bible just like you. Studying the Bible in groups makes learning about the Bible more fun and exciting. If you’re interested in checking out one of growing Bible Study groups, click HERE.

December 18, 2017