Chosen by Grace, with Pastor Glenda Skimpkins Hoffman

This Sunday we're continueing our Sermoner series on Acts by looking at chapter 22:1-22.

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Religion Gone Wild, with Pastor Peter James

Continuing our sermon series on Acts, Paul's journey takes a rather dramatic turn. Paul has traveled to Ephesus, a city known for widely and openly practicing the magic arts, and beings trying to preach to the people. He is met with resistance, but the power of God is also demonstrated through healings and the expulsion of demons. This catches the eye of the magic practicing people who try and replicate Paul's success to disastrous results, they are attacked and driven from the home of a possessed man. Our God is a jealous God, He does not share domain with idols of any kind.

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Even Saints Get the Blues with Pastor Peter James

Continuing our sermon series on Acts, Upside down Kingdom, we're looking at Acts chapter 19. Paul is in Corinth and is attempting to connect with the Jewish and Greek people, but is met with aggressive opposition. This puts Paul into a slump and it is through the assistance of people who will grow to be steadfast friends to him that he is able to pull out of it. Depression is a very real issue that is often over looked, alongside other mental health issues. The sermon post on Onrealm includes an excerpt from a sermon by Charles Spurgeon on the topic of depression, which Pete references in his sermon.

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Unknown Gods, with Pastor Peter James

This week continues our sermon series in Acts, Upsidedown Kingdom. In ACts chapter 17 Paul is in Athens and comes across an alter dedicated to the 'unknown gods'. He sees this and uses it as the subject of his sermon when addressing the people.

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Jesus and Social Status, with Pastor Peter James

This week we're continuing our sermons series on Acts. We're looking at Acts chapter 16 and the story of three conversions: of Lydia, of a possessed slave woman, and of a Roman jailer. Looking at these three people there is a clear parallel between them and the social ladder of Roman society. We have Lydia, a wealthy trader of purple cloth and part of the Patricians, a Roman jailer, a member of the middle class or Plebeians, and a slave woman, the lowest of low in social standing. Jesus looks past all of that though and takes you in regardless of wealth, societal standing, race or background.

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Peter James, A Good Church Fight

This weeks starts a new sermon series for the book of Acts. This week we're looking at a delicate situation in the early church, a disagreement on whether a section of the old law should still apply to the newly founded Christianity. We're taking an important look into how the disagreement, and following argument, is handled by the new church and how they use this situation to grow in their faith.

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Growing in Christ with Pastoer Glenda Simpkins-Hoffman

This Sunday marks Epiphany, the end of the Christmas season and a symbol for the pursuit of the light of Christ. The Epiphany story tells of three wise men traveling from the far east after a star appeared in the night, they didn't know the true significance of the event but new it was something they needed to see and know.

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The Hound of Heaven, with Pastor Peter James

Christmas Eve has finally arrived! The birth of our Savior; Jesus Christ, Emmanuel, God with us come down from heaven to dwell among us. Though even after His time on earth has passed He continues to pursue us, like a hound after a hare.

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The With-Us God with Pastor Peter James

This Sunday is the 4th Sunday of Advent, the birth of the Savior is mere moments away. God coming down from heaven to dwell among us is an incredible moment; the creator of all things has stepped down to mingle with His creation and deliver them from sin.

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Subversive Gospel, with Pastor Peter James

This week is the 3rd Sunday of Advent and we're continuing our look into the person of Jesus. This week we're making a comparison between Jesus and another man alive at the time claiming to be the son of god, Caesar Augustus, and how Jesus' life and God's promise subverts the ideals of the world and the idea of how peace is attained.

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