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The Kiss of Death, with Pastor Glenda Simpkin-Hoffman

This week continues our sermon series Facing the Truth. This week we're looking at one of the most notorious people in the story of Jesus, Judas Iscariot. For previous sermons go to for audio and video links.

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Wake-up Call, with Pastor Peter James

This week continues our sermon series Facing the Truth, a look into the people around Jesus before His crucifixion. This week we're looking at Mathew 26:36-46, and the sons of Zebedee.

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Duty or Delight, with Pastor Peter James

This Sunday starts our next sermon series, 'Facing the Truth'. In this series we're looking at people who were directly involved with the final events of Jesus' life on earth. To start we're looking at the woman who annointed Jesus at the house of Simon the Leper.

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Open-ended Ending, with Pastor Peter James

This Sunday marks the end of our Acts sermon series with a sermon on chapter 28. Acts comes to a rather abrupt end, Paul is under house arrest but continues to preach, and we're told he does so without major difficulty, and then the page ends. That's it. That's all Luke wrote. There are many theories about why this happened, practical reasons like running out of paper, but here we theorize that this was done intentionally. Acts is a book about the witness of Jesus and the early church and this intentional ending suggests that the story and witness is on going, that it will not end until Christ comes again.

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More to Life, with Pastor David Jordan-Haas

This Sunday we continue our sermon series on Acts by looking at chapter 26:19-30.

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Chosen by Grace, with Pastor Glenda Skimpkins Hoffman

This Sunday we're continueing our Sermoner series on Acts by looking at chapter 22:1-22.

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Religion Gone Wild, with Pastor Peter James

Continuing our sermon series on Acts, Paul's journey takes a rather dramatic turn. Paul has traveled to Ephesus, a city known for widely and openly practicing the magic arts, and beings trying to preach to the people. He is met with resistance, but the power of God is also demonstrated through healings and the expulsion of demons. This catches the eye of the magic practicing people who try and replicate Paul's success to disastrous results, they are attacked and driven from the home of a possessed man. Our God is a jealous God, He does not share domain with idols of any kind.

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Even Saints Get the Blues with Pastor Peter James

Continuing our sermon series on Acts, Upside down Kingdom, we're looking at Acts chapter 19. Paul is in Corinth and is attempting to connect with the Jewish and Greek people, but is met with aggressive opposition. This puts Paul into a slump and it is through the assistance of people who will grow to be steadfast friends to him that he is able to pull out of it. Depression is a very real issue that is often over looked, alongside other mental health issues. The sermon post on Onrealm includes an excerpt from a sermon by Charles Spurgeon on the topic of depression, which Pete references in his sermon.

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Unknown Gods, with Pastor Peter James

This week continues our sermon series in Acts, Upsidedown Kingdom. In ACts chapter 17 Paul is in Athens and comes across an alter dedicated to the 'unknown gods'. He sees this and uses it as the subject of his sermon when addressing the people.

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Jesus and Social Status, with Pastor Peter James

This week we're continuing our sermons series on Acts. We're looking at Acts chapter 16 and the story of three conversions: of Lydia, of a possessed slave woman, and of a Roman jailer. Looking at these three people there is a clear parallel between them and the social ladder of Roman society. We have Lydia, a wealthy trader of purple cloth and part of the Patricians, a Roman jailer, a member of the middle class or Plebeians, and a slave woman, the lowest of low in social standing. Jesus looks past all of that though and takes you in regardless of wealth, societal standing, race or background.

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