CenterPoint Discovery Journey to England.

Combines in-class study with travel to provide a first-hand exploration of the religious heritage and history of England. Join VPC friends and pastors to move religious studies beyond the book world, to the world of reality. There is no classroom substitute for the intensive learning and insights that come from walking where Christian believers through the centuries lived, worked,
worshiped and died. This 13-day trip departs September 15, 2017.

Please click the following links for detailed information on the trip itinerary; route maps; enrollment forms; and terms and conditions.

Itinerary      Route Map     Terms and Conditions    Enrollment
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Photo albums of previous Centerpoint Discovery Journeys are available in the Ellen Perkins Memorial Library located on the 2nd floor across from the church offices.


CenterPoint Discovery Journey to Oberammergau, Germany for the 2020 Passion Play

Group tickets for the 2020 performances will be available beginning March 9, 2017 and we must decide by March 7 if there is sufficient interest to request tickets. For full details, links, and videos, Click here