In the Presbyterian Church, more trust is placed in a group of people, who together seek to discern the mind of God to lead them towards faithful action, than in a single individual who has all the answers. Therefore, committees are a mainstay of the church. At the local, congregational level this means two main boards: Session, as the highest decision making body, and the Deacons, as the care-taking, pastoral group. Both groups are to be a representation of the congregation as a whole.

The elders and deacons are ordained positions in the Presbyterian Church (USA). That means that we believe each of them been chosen by God and the congregation to be a leader in Christ’s church. The vows they take are the same vows that the pastor takes to become a minister of word and sacrament. Once a person is ordained that ordination is considered a lifelong vocation. The ordained elders and deacons have a responsibility to cultivate their prayer life, to study the Bible, and to seek God in their individual, and congregational life.

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Session (Elders):

The Session is the Governing Board of the church. The Session consists of the senior pastor, associate pastors, and elders in active service (the “ruling” elders).

Pete James

Clerk of Session:
Scott Slocum

To view session notes, contact Deb Crumbliss at deb.crumbliss@viennapres.org


Class of 2016-2018

Michael Bronson

Paul Cicio

Ted Davies

Chris Jones

Amy Lochhaas

Lee Self


Class of 2017-2019

Richard Clarke

Bruce Dickson

Ellen Field

Gina Goodrich

Donald Sinclair

Minh Towner


Class of 2015-2017

Barbara Carlson

Amy Feather

John Hall

Wood Parker

Scott Slocum

Joni Thomas


Deacons minister to those who are in need, to the sick, to the friendless, and to any who may be in distress, both within and beyond the community of faith.

Shelley Ott

Bob Stifel

Andy Mitchell

Funeral Receptionist:
Bill Mayne

Betty Rice

Pastor Liaison:
David Jordan-Haas

Class of 2016-2018

Charles (Chuck) Berstch

Kathleen Bingham

Malcolm Booth

Melinda Mayes

Andrew Mitchell

Charlotte Roland

Sharon (Sherry) Smith

Robert (Bob) Stifel

Doris Uher

Sharon West

Byron Wong



Class of 2017-2019

Karen Cain

Mary Campbell

Tim Dronsfield

Jacquie Garland

Mary Hatzilambrou

Curtis Houck

Julie Knight

David Lotocki

Bo Rix

Robert Skaggs

Jim Vincent


Class of 2015-2017

Andy Arnold

Garth Jensen

Haek Lee

Bill Mayne

Shelley Ott

Robin Portman

Betty Price

Catherine Straley

Matt Thrasher