Marriage Help in Northern Virginia


The Challenge of Marriage

If you are looking for marriage help in northern Virginia, you’re not alone. The challenges of life often pummel people’s marriages like waves against a boat during a terrible storm. Many marriages are rocked and rolled through the waters of life. Like boats on the sea, some eventually crack or even begin to sink. This is not the marriage you expected while looking into the loving eyes of your lover and saying, “I do.”

No one plans to be in a place where marriage is challenging. But, stress, work, kids, sports, bills, health, family, and finances all being to compile. Eventually, the fun of knowing your spouse fades as frustration builds to the point where you’re wondering if there’s a way out.

The good news is, there is hope for your marriage. You may not be able to fix your present circumstance, but you can rekindle the flame of your love for your spouse.

Rebuilding Your Marriage

Those looking for marriage help in northern Virginia should know that healing a marriage isn’t always easy. Hurt and hard hearts take time to heal. Like losing or gaining weight, your marriage didn’t get to where it is overnight and neither will rekindled love. Rebuilding a marriage takes time and effort. Those looking for marriage help in northern Virginia should consider the following 3 steps.

Be Honest About Where You Are. You can’t heal what you don’t acknowledge is there. If you are miserable in your marriage, then be honest. In the same way ignoring a broken bone will only make it worse, ignoring the unhealthy of your marriage will only make things worse.

Prioritize Your Marriage Health. Once you acknowledge that your marriage is facing challenges, you need to make  sure you are prioritizing the health of your marriage. This might mean doing fewer activities in your life in order to spend more time with your spouse. It might mean you need to come home earlier from work, or allow someone else to take your kids to soccer one night a week. Remember all the things you did while dating? If you want to rebuild your marriage, you need to take time spend with your spouse.

Take Steps Toward Health. The path to marriage health isn’t always easy. Sometimes it takes months of counseling. Sometimes its hard. Some seeking marriage help in northern Virginia may simply need to prioritize more time to go on dates. But, others need more significant help. If you feel emotionally stuck in any way, professional counseling could be beneficial. Also, joining a group focused on marriage may be helpful. The main goal is to begin taking steps towards health. It won’t happen on accident.

Marriage Help in Northern Virginia

Vienna Presbyterian Church is ready to help your marriage. We believe in the power of marriage and want to do everything in our power to help yours. We have many resources available to help your marriage rebuild and grow. If you’re like to learn more, click HERE

October 29, 2018

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