Men’s Activities at Vienna Presbyterian

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Men’s Activities at Vienna Presbyterian

Looking for entertaining men’s activities can be challenging. Working 9 to 5 with a family at home doesn’t give a man much free time to develop hobbies and find new friends. In fact, finding free time at all is sometimes quite a challenge. Men may know it’s important to make time to relax and healthy to connect with other man, it’s just hard to find the time.

The good news is Vienna Presbyterian is here to help! We have some incredible  activities at Vienna Presbyterian Church for men of all ages. Below are just a few of the ongoing ministries we have here at Vienna Presbyterian, and we hope you will give one or all of them a shot. You can view these activities directly on our website, or to bookmark them, click here.

Men’s Monday Night Group: 7:00pm, Third Floor Atrium

Be one of 75-100 guys who are digging deeper into the scriptures in response to the Sunday sermon.  There’s 45 minutes of teaching time and 45 minutes of small group time. There will be pizza, drinks, popcorn, and men ready to learn and laugh together. They don’t take themselves too seriously but do take God seriously.  So come, make a difference; make life-long friends.  This time is for you! For more information, contact Phil at Watch Pete James talk about the Men’s Monday Night Group, by watching the video here.

ROMEO: Saturdays at 7:30am

Known as the ROMEOs (Retired Old Men Eating Out), this group is open to men ‑  not necessarily retired ‑ who hunger for breakfast, banter and Bible study.  They meet about 7:30 am at a local restaurant for breakfast.  The Bible study is informal, basically reading through a chapter or two of the book being studied.  Newcomers are welcome.

For more information, contact Cap Oliver at 703.938.4194 or

Men’s Outreach Dinners

Men’s Outreach Dinners are frequently known as the Great Steak Outs. They provide an opportunity for food and fellowship. What makes these events unique is that they provide an opportunity for men of the VPC community to invite others who may not otherwise be involved in a Christian community to share time and a chance to hear the gospel, possibly even for the first time.

More Men’s Activities

Many more men’s activities pop up from time to time throughout the year. You can check out other organized group sessions at Vienna Pres. through our group finder page here. Vienna Presbyterian has all kinds of groups ready for your to try out this week.

No matter your age or walk of life, connecting with others is a wonderful way to feel more connected to Him.  Vienna Presbyterian is always online to help. Visit our website to see other ways you can connect this week.


June 27, 2018