We desire to serve those in need and to follow Christ’s missions to deploy more workers into the harvest field who are engaged in:

  • Praying for the discernment of God’s will
  • Sharing the news of the gospel with compassion
  • Caring for the least of these brothers and sisters
  • Daring to stand up for justice

As a community of disciples seeking to live like Jesus Christ, our “mission” is to work toward becoming like Christ Together for the World. By loving and serving others, we share Christ’s love and grow as His disciples.

VPC offers multiple avenues for individuals to serve people locally, nationally, and internationally—working as the hands and feet of Jesus. From children’s missions programs in the metro-DC area to national and international missions projects—VPC invites you to explore the many ways available to serve God and our neighbors.

VPC strives to truly be a “missional” church, where each believer reaches out to the community with a Christian message of hope, love, and faith.  Living missionally means acting like disciples who are sent into the world, as he was, to proclaim His redemptive love and His kingdom.

We have the power to spread Jesus’ love through action. We encourage you to think about your mission and how you are being called to serve others today.

“Missions is not primarily an activity of the church, but rather an attribute of God.  Our mission flows from the very nature of God: as the Father sending His Son; God the Father and Son sending the Spirit; and God the Father, Son and Spirit sending the church into the world.”  — Darrell Guder

Vienna Presbyterian is committed to spreading God’s love to the wider community. Much is needed locally, nationally and internationally. Help us care for those in need. Join in an upcoming event or learn more about our partners through special luncheons and on Facebook Thursdays! Check the Missions-Local Events tab for more information!

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