Upcoming Events

January 25, Human Trafficking Panel, 2:00pm, Sanctuary.

Service Opportunities

Hypothermia 2018 will be January 21-28 and February 4-11. Did you know…

  • We have housed over 225 men and women, provided over 1,300 meals, and have had the pleasure of working with over 400 volunteers.
  • The Town of Vienna has granted us a five-year permit to operate as a temporary shelter.
  • VPC won an award last year from Fairfax County, recognizing us as a faith community of excellence for our exemplary work in support of those experiencing homelessness.

Many hands are needed to welcome our guests, and there are plenty of opportunities to serve!

Breakfast Week 1

Dinner Week 1

Donations Week 1

Bible Study/Prayer Leader Week 1

Breakfast Week 2

Dinner Week 2

Donations Week 2

Bible Study/Prayer Leader Week 2