Find a Place to Serve

God created us to serve others and gives us a unique SHAPE to do the work of Christ. Use the assessments below to discover your SHAPE as you join us in our mission, Becoming like Christ together for the World.

What is SHAPE?

SHAPE is an acronym that originated from Rick Warren’s bestseller, The Purpose Driven Life. It can be an excellent guide for examining how God, the ultimate artist and creator, has uniquely gifted and guided you for service in the Body of Christ. In defining your SHAPE for ministry, you’ll reflect on these areas:

  • Spiritual Gifts
  • Heart
  • Abilities
  • Personality
  • Experiences

Why Should SHAPE Matter to You?

When you enjoy and are energized by what you’re doing, you are usually working within your SHAPE. Can you think of times when you had to drag yourself to get to a volunteer opportunity, were frustrated while serving, or exhausted afterwards? Those are usually times when you were not working within your SHAPE.

Discover ways to use your SHAPE, and you will also discover that God has given you the tools you need to be involved with and energized in ministry!

Discover Your SHAPE

1) Take the Spiritual Gifts Assessment.  This online assessment will take 10-15 minutes, and is the first step towards finding a fulfilling and meaningful way to serve the church.  This gifts assessment is rooted in the biblical teachings of Paul to the Romans and Corinthians, to create a unified, yet diverse, community of worshipers.

2) Fill out the form below, selecting all categories that apply to you.

3) Once complete, your results will be emailed to you and our Director of Community Engagement, Kim Snyder. If you are interested in serving at or through our church, she will follow up to connect you with ways you can use your SHAPE for ministry.