Find a Place to Serve

The VPC mission statement is Becoming like Christ together for the World. Service is a key component of how we become like Christ, and sharing God’s love and blessings with others is our way of thanking God for all that we have received. God created us to serve others and has given us a unique SHAPE to help us serve the Body of Christ and the world.

What is SHAPE?

SHAPE is an acronym that originated from Rick Warren’s bestseller, The Purpose Driven Life. It can be an excellent guide for examining how God, the ultimate artist and creator, has uniquely gifted and guided you for service in the Body of Christ. In defining your SHAPE for ministry, we look at the five areas listed below:

  • Spiritual Gifts
  • Heart
  • Abilities
  • Personality
  • Experiences

Why does SHAPE matter? You know those times that you do something and you enjoy it and it gives you energy? Usually those are the times you are working within your SHAPE. Can you think of times when you had to drag yourself there, were miserable while doing it and were exhausted afterwards? Those are usually times when you were not working in your SHAPE!

Remember, God never asks you to do what he has not given you the power to do. As you discover your unique SHAPE, you will also discover that God has already given you the tools you will need to be involved in ministry. VPC has places for all SHAPEs!

We want to help you find a place to serve at VPC or in our wider community that fits your unique SHAPE.

Here are a couple steps you can take to explore your unique, God-given SHAPE:

1) Take the Spiritual Gifts Assessment.  This online assessment will take you 10-15 minutes, and is the first step towards finding a fulfilling and meaningful way to serve the church.  This gifts assessment is rooted in the biblical teachings of Paul to the Romans and Corinthians, to create a unified, yet diverse, community of worshipers.  Please click here to take this assessment online at any time.

2) Make a note of your top 3 spiritual gifts.

3) Fill out the form below and select all the categories that could apply to you. Once this is complete, you should have a much better picture of how you are uniquely gifted to help serve in God’s kingdom.