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Pastors: Pete James, Stan Ott, Glenda Simpkins Hoffman, David Jordan-Haas

Pastors and Pastoral Support Staff

Senior Pastor: Peter James, x118,
Associate Pastor: Glenda Simpkins Hoffman, x114,
Associate Pastor: David Jordan-Haas, x116,
Teaching Pastor: E. Stanley Ott,
Parish Associate: Connie Jordan-Haas, 703.938.9050

Executive Assistant (Pastors James and Simpkins Hoffman): Deb Crumbliss, x108,
Executive Assistant (Pastor Jordan-Haas): Lee Taylor, x103,

Community Engagement

Engagement Director: Kim Snyder, x130,

Next Gen Ministries

Next Gen Ministries Director: Melissa Ciavarella, x124,
Next Gen Coordinator: Lisa Gibb, x127,

Student Ministry (The Underground)

Student Ministry Senior Manager: Vacant
Student Ministry Manager: Vacant

Children’s Ministry

Children’s Ministry Senior Manager: Matt Sims, x128,
Children’s Ministry Manager: Karen Covell, x125,
Childcare Manager: Heather Boehm, x159,
Large Group Coordinator: Pam Sellars,

VPC Preschool

Director of the Preschool: Marnie Sturm, x156 or 703.255.1419,
Assistant Director of the Preschool: Terri Franke, x134,

Evangelism (BridgePoint Connections)

Director of Evangelism: Phil Kratovil, x115,
Administrative Assistant:  Anne Hovis, x152,


Director of Missions: Sue Hamblen, x111,

ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages)

ESOL Manager: Deb Rymer, x102,
Administrative Assistant: Elaine Wright, x157,

Congregational Care Ministries

Director of Congregational Care: Charles Geschiere, x151,

Worship & Music Ministries

Director of Worship: Lance Vining, x132,
Youth Worship Leader: Brendan Cothran, x110,
Worship Leader: Andrew Schmidt,
Pianist & Organist: Kristina Schenck,
Music Ministry Associates: Joshua Hong, Patrick Sobolik, Julianne Kim

Audio Visual Technician: Tyler McClinton,

Finance, Operations and Communications:

Director of Operations: Doug LeMasters, 703.937.1887,
Human Resource & Operations Senior Manager: Michelle Lowell, x122,
Staff Accountant: Kellie Owens, x121,
Finance Assistant: Dara Myrah, x120,
Director of Generosity: Nina Graves, x133,
Operations Coordinator: Melissa Jensen, x106,
Communications Manager: Kelly Miller, x112,
Resource Center Manager: Dalliss Fuhrmann, x126,
Facilities Manager: Jaime Tapia, x131,
Assistant Facility Manager: Belarmino Diaz, x131
Facilities Support Staff: Maria Aguilar, Reyna Mendoza, Jose Salazar and Reyna Vasquez

Additional Phone Extensions

Childcare Center (2nd Floor): x137 & 138
Conference Room (2nd Floor): x109
Ellen Perkins Memorial Library: x148
Facilities Support: x131
Grapevine Books: x126
Kitchen: x142
Music Library: x149
Parlor: x141
Work Room (2nd Floor): x136

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