Vienna Presbyterian Church: Mitigating Hopelessness

“It’s easy to drive past all of the manicured lawns and pristine homes and miss the reality that an element of the population there is quietly struggling with life…“ “Hopelessness shows up on our doorstep in many forms.“ “When the Church becomes the hands and feet of Jesus, people are drawn to it.“ “Our hope… […]

Vienna Presbyterian Church: What Love Makes Us Do

“Though it is easy to paint with a broad brush when writing a headline, or making a political point about immigrants, the fact is, these are people.“ “It takes a brave soul to leave everything they know and any success they may have achieved and come to a strange land and start over.“ “Love is, […]

Vienna Presbyterian Church: The New Normal

“Love your neighbor. Feed the poor. Welcome the stranger. Protect the children. Follow me. Could it be any easier to grasp?“Vienna Presbyterian Church “But the new normal for the church’s mission work these days looks very different.“ “This simple but unusual invitation is changing lives and forging bonds with a group of people who are […]