Resisting Temptations of the World; Kingdom Identity Part 2

I’ll share again Richard Foster’s great summary of Jesus’ temptations from his book Streams of Living Water: “Throughout those forty days Jesus fasted from food so that he could all the more fully enter the divine feast. Then, when his spiritual resources were at their maximum, God allowed the Evil One to come to him with three great temptations…. These were not just personal temptations; they were temptations for Jesus to access for his own use the three most prominent social institutions of the day—economic, religious, political…. In those forty days in the wilderness Jesus rejected the popular Jewish hope for a Messiah who would feed the poor, bask in miraculous heavenly approval, and shuck off oppressive nations. And he undercut the leverage of the three great social institutions of his day (and of ours)—exploitative economics, manipulative religions, and coercive politics. What we see in those forty crucial days is someone who understood with clarity the way of God and who had the internal resources to live in that way, instinctively and without reservation.”

The Virtuous Life

Dietrich Bonhoeffer is one of the Christians who stands out in the 20th century. He was living comfortably in American and teaching at Union Seminary in New York when the ominous storms clouds of the Third Reich changed everything. He returned to Germany and became a leader in the newly formed “confessing Church.” Biographer Eberhard Bethge described Bonhoeffer as “that fighter on behalf of the First Commandment against the idolatrous syncretism of his time and of our time as well; the composer of devout prayers and inspiring sermons; the fascinating author of spiritual literature; the exciting writer of letters from prison, the sophisticated analyst of the Christian situation in the post-enlightenment era; the witness to faith in Jesus Christ both now in the future.”