Vienna Outreach

A distinctive feature of our Ignite Initiative focuses on outreach in our community.  In previous campaigns, we designated 10% of the total amount of the campaign – a tithe – to outreach.  Through Ignite, we want to make an even bolder impact.  We expect to invest 30% in a major outreach initiative in our local community.

Would you believe that there are 6000 people living in poverty within a five-mile radius of VPC?  We have neighbors in our community who are struggling with language and cultural barriers, isolation, hopelessness…    We are already engaged in the community through our evangelism ministry in the Vienna Park neighborhood and through our partnership with Cunningham Park Elementary School.  We want to grow these outreach ministries and build on these relationships with our neighbors, making an even greater impact in the community.

There was a day when, if we wanted to reach people from other lands with the good news of Jesus, we would send missionaries.  Now, people from other lands are coming to us.  New immigrants and refugees live in our community.  We want to share Christ’s love with the stranger. We want to do our part to meet their tangible, relational and spiritual needs.

Through the Ignite campaign, we will launch an outreach initiative to address our neighbors’ immediate needs including unemployment, childcare, and transportation issues among other things, and do so in the name of Christ.  This Outreach initiative will allow our congregation, in partnership with other area churches to develop meaningful relationships, share the Gospel and provide loving, dignified support to those who Christ commands us to love and serve.

For more information on the current situation and the aspirations of the community, please click here.