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Join us in worship Sunday, September 16 at 8:00, 9:30 and 11:00am. Pastor Pete James will be preaching on Acts 2:22-36

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Inaugural Sermon, with Pastor Peter James

This week continues our new sermon series, All In, which covers the book of Acts. We're looking into the first Sermon of Peter, disciple of Jesus, and his proclamation that Jesus is Lord. This is a grand turn around for Peter, a complete 180 from the Peter who denied knowing Jesus before the crucifixion.

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All In with Pastor Peter James

Last week marked the end of our summer sermon series "Pressure Points", so this week starts the beginning of our next titled "All In". "All In" is a follow up to our series on Luke last year and is a look into the book of Acts. Chapter 1 covers Jesus' final moments on Earth and His great commission to his followers to spread the gospel to all ends of the earth.

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Good Grief, with Pastor Peter James

This weeks Pressure Point is Grief. Grief is one of the most difficult things to deal with in life, that empty longing loss leaves behind and the cold recognition of having to move on. Even in his short time on earth as a man Jesus had to deal with grief, not even knowing of Lazarus' imminent resurrection stopped him from weeping as he felt the pain of those around him. Join us as we look deeper into this story and dealing with the feeling of grief.

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Redemptive Suffering, with Pastor Peter James

This week continues are sermon series, Pressure points. This week we're looking at one of the most difficult concepts for a Christian, or anyone to deal with: Suffering. "Why does God allow bad things to happen to good people? Why is this happening to me? Why does God not care?" Even throughout the Bible you can see stories of people who seemingly suffer without purpose, but the Bible also shows us that God has a greater purpose for all things. Those designs make little to no sense to use in the moment but at the end of all things, God wins.

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You Can’t Always Get What You Want, with Pastor Glenda Simpkins Hoffman

Following last weeks sermon on greed, this week's pressure point is jealousy. Jealousy is a more emotional desire than greed, its the feeling that you deserve as much or more than another has. A lot of times it spawn from a perceived threat to what one already has; someone on your team completes a big project at work and is receiving a lot of praise for it and you begin to feel they are threatening your position at the company. It creates strife where none exists and drives people apart. Join us as we look into how to deal with jealousy before it pulls apart relationships.

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Be on Your Guard, with Pastor Stan Ott

This Sunday we're preaching on the topic of Greed. Greed is the desire to acquire, the never ending want for bigger, better, and more and putting those feelings over the needs of others around you. Spending is part of life, there are times when you need to spend money on yourself or your belongings but when those desires being to supersede the well being of others it becomes greed.

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Anger Management, with Pastor Peter James

This week, as part of our summer sermon series 'Pressure Points', we're addressing feelings of anger. Anger is a tricky emotion to deal with, the Bible is clear in stating that anger itself is not a sin but one needs to be careful not to sin in anger. Its like boiling water, the still surface of the water becomes disrupted as the bubbles rise and if left unattended will threaten to boil over out of the pot onto anything nearby. Do not let the sun go down on your anger, join as we look at how the Bible approaches how to safely defusing your anger.

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Got Guilt?, with Pastor Peter James

This week we continue our summer sermon series 'Pressure Points' by looking at the feeling of guilt. At some point you've done something to something or someone and felt guilty for it. There's nothing inherently wrong with feeling guilty, in fact those feelings are a tool for self improvement, but when those feelings turn to inward shame or are left unchecked for long periods of time they become unhealthy. Join us as we look into scripture and discover what God's purpose is for guilt and how one can work towards absolution of guilt.

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Stress, with Pastor Peter James

This week is VBS Sunday! The children will be on stage to lead the congregation in some of their worship songs they learned during the week, along side the props that decorated the stage. We are continuing our summer series, 'Pressure Points' as well. This week we delve into the issue of stress, that nagging tension that winds us up until we feel like breaking. How ever, like strings on a guitar, we can't be completely without stress either or else we can't perform. Join us this week as we look into what the Bible has to say about managing our stress.

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When the Darkness Comes, with Pastor Glenda Simpkins Hoffman

Continuing with our summer sermon series, "Pressure Points", our theme this week is depression. Depression is that deep, dark place that people find themselves in from time to time. Sometimes there's a clear cause, sometimes we just wake up there and it's near impossible to find your way out. Sometimes it feels like God is so far away in these times even though we know He is near always. Join as Pastor Glenda discusses what we can do when the darkness comes.

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