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Join us in worship Sunday, July 22 at 9:00 and 10:45am. Pastor Pete James will be preaching on Guilt and the scripture reading is Isaiah 6:1-8.

This summer, join us at 10:00am in The Great Hall for breakfast in between services.

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Stress, with Pastor Peter James

This week is VBS Sunday! The children will be on stage to lead the congregation in some of their worship songs they learned during the week, along side the props that decorated the stage. We are continuing our summer series, 'Pressure Points' as well. This week we delve into the issue of stress, that nagging tension that winds us up until we feel like breaking. How ever, like strings on a guitar, we can't be completely without stress either or else we can't perform. Join us this week as we look into what the Bible has to say about managing our stress.

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When the Darkness Comes, with Pastor Glenda Simpkins Hoffman

Continuing with our summer sermon series, "Pressure Points", our theme this week is depression. Depression is that deep, dark place that people find themselves in from time to time. Sometimes there's a clear cause, sometimes we just wake up there and it's near impossible to find your way out. Sometimes it feels like God is so far away in these times even though we know He is near always. Join as Pastor Glenda discusses what we can do when the darkness comes.

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You Are God’s Personal Concern, with Pastor David Jordan-Hass

This Sunday is the second in our sermon series, Pressure Points specifically covering anxiety. We're looking at Phillipians 4:6-7 and talking about how God can help us through the storms we find ourselves in. If you would like to follow along the daily devotional prepared for this sermon series please visit viennapres.org/devotions.

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Overcoming Fear, with Pastor Peter James

Today we begin our summer sermon series, Pressure Points. We start off by looking at one of life's greatest pressures, one that haunts people for all of their lives: Fear. We look at the gospel of Mark and in chapter 5 verses 21 to 43 we find a story of two people overcoming thier worst fears to achieve their greatest hopes. Alongside this sermon series we have a weekly devotional for you, please go to viennapres.org/devotions if you're interested.

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Heart Burn, with Paster Peter James

This Sunday finishes up our sermon series on Luke, ending in chapter 24. Two disciples of Jesus are walking down the road when they are approached by a man, who the texts reveals is Jesus Himself but it is unknown to the disciples. They arrive at an Inn and the disciples invite Jesus to stay with them for the night, Jesus agrees and they have a meal together. To start the meal Jesus takes bread, blesses it, and breaks it. At that moment the disciples eyes are opened and Jesus vanishes. Join as we look into this passage and what it means for your heart to burn for Christ. Also, next week starts a new sermon series, titled 'Pressure Points' that looks into the day to day pressures that people face.

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Lower is Higher with Pastor Peter James

This week we're looking at Luke 22. The passage begins with a dispute amongst the disciples about who among them is the greatest, a rather amusing arguement considering Jesus is in the room. Jesus settles the matter soundly as well saying that, "the greatest among you should be like the youngest, and the one who rules like the one who serves." He points out that He is at the table, God Himself, and behaves as one who serves.

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Celebrate, Youth Sunday

This week is a special Sunday on VPC's calander, is it Youth Sunday! This Sunday is planned and led entirely by our youth and youth leaders and instead of following our normal planned lesson, features sermonette's by several of our students. So join us and celebrate all God has given us!

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What Shall I Do, with Pastor Glenda Simpkins Hoffman

This Sunday we're looking at Luke 20: 9-19, the parable of the corrupt tennants. The story is look at the gospel story that explores the implications and the consequences of humanity's rejection of God. Join us as we explore the deeper meaning of this passage.

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Context is Everything with Pastor Peter James

This Sunday we look at Luke 19, and the story of the Nobleman and his three servants. At first glance this can be a rough passage to swallow; it appears that the Nobleman, and by extension God, rewards His servants based on their works rather than their faith and it finishes off with God commanding all the non-believers be brought before Him and slaughtered! Having looked at the rest of Luke up to this point we know that isn't inline with the rest of Jesus' teachings. It's important to understand the context of the passage, and the objective of the parable. Join us as we take a deep look into this passage and clarify the meaning behind it.

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Let the Children Come to Me, with Pastor Peter James

Even in today's context this is a heart warming passage. The disciples try to block the parents from bringing their children to see Jesus but He rebukes them saying, "Let the children come to me... for the Kingdom of God belongs to the likes of these... anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a child will not enter it." Join as we explore the meaning behind these words and what it means to receive the kingdom of God like a child.

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