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Body Building with Pastor Peter James

Today I will be talking about sex. First, a word to parents: This is not the kind of sermon where you need to usher your kids out of the sanctuary. I would give this sermon a G-Rating, maybe PG-13 in a few places. Preaching on sex is difficult, more so than other subjects. How can I preach truthfully and compassionately on a subject where there is so much confusion and so much pain?

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Put Off the Old, Put On the New with Pastor Glenda Hoffman

Last week Pete summarized the beginning of Ephesians 4 as, "Walking in unity towards maturity." Today I want to add the word "purity" because it summarizes our text for today. To walk in unity toward maturity and purity means we have choices to make - ethical, moral choices that reflect who we really are in Christ. Our choices matter.

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Grow Up with Pastor Peter James

We come today to the fourth chapter of Ephesians. The first thee chapters of paul's letter provides an exposition on core Christian beliefs ...Chapter 4 begins the shift from exposition to practical exhortation. The movement from theology to ethics constitutes the so-what portion of Paul's letter to the Ephesians.

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Stuck in a Rut with Pastor Peter James

Some times in prayer I'm just going through the motions. I use the same words, the exact same phrases, I even pray for the same people. There are times when I am in a spiritual rut.

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Christ’s Endless Treasures for Us with Pastor David Jordan-Haas

The first 13 verses of Chapter 3 of Paul’s Ephesus letter (can’t overstate this enough) is an announcement that is RADICAL to the people reading this letter in 60-61 AD. The announcement is a “pointedly foolish” one: Gentiles are now welcome/included alongside Jewish believers in Christ’s new community. ow could this be? It’s an oxymoron! Polytheistic Pagans (people worshipping many gods) now believing in one God – one God in Three? Completely radical.

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Heart Problem with Pastor Peter James

Paul addresses the heart problem head-on in today's Scripture lesson. The controversy centers on the Jew-Gentile relationships. The Jews were the chosen people of God. God chose the Jews for a mission of sharing God's intentions with Gentiles, non-Jews, heathens in need of God's covenantal love.

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