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Fishing with Jesus with Pastor Peter James

This week we look at Luke chapter 5, where Jesus preaches to a crowd from a boat in the Sea of Gallilee. He calls upon a man who would later be renamed Peter and his partner to go out and cast his nets for a catch, despite the fishers having no luck previously. They catch enough to fill up not one, but two boats with fish. Jesus tells them that He will make them fishers of men and the group leaves everything; their boats, their fish, their previous lives and follow Him.

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Home-Coming with Pastor Peter James

This Sunday we continue into Luke and come to a story where Jesus goes to a synagogue and reads in front of the people gathered. He is first met with praise, but Jesus follows up his reading with two stories, one about Elijah and the other Elisha, where they treat gentiles. The mob forms and threatens to throw Jesus from a cliff in response. Not the best first steps to His ministry but this story is emblematic to the entirety of Jesus' story.

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Beloved, with Pastor Stan Ott

New Years is a time of recollection, as we look back on the previous year and also a time of hope and ambition, as we make resolutions for the coming year. We continue into Luke's gospel and discover a very clear and profound message that should be carried in the hearts of all as they move into this next year: you are known and beloved by God.

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Glory to God in the Highest, with Pastor David Jordan-Hass

The morning of Christmas Eve is a time of great anticipation as the time of our Messiah's arrival is quick approaching. We take this time to go back over the Christmas story and marvel at how these events have played out. A young woman with child, a stable full of animals, and shepherds keeping watch over their flock. God didn't use extraordinary people; He used very plain people and met them exactly where they were and through them delivered good news of great joy.

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Knowing God with Pastor Peter James

This week we light the candle of Joy. The 3rd Sunday of advent addressees what the Christmas story means for us. God has sent His own Son down to earth to dwell among us but for what purpose? Luke 1:68-79 goes into the details of this simple truth: He has come to redeem us.

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God of the Impossible with Pastor Peter James

This Sunday we light the candle of Peace. Gabriel once again appears to deliver an important message, this time to a young woman in Bethlehem named Mary. Mary is to be the mother of God's own Son, one who is meant to bring peace and light to the world. "But how can this be?" asks Mary, as she is a virgin. Gabriel's response should serve as inspiration to us all, "Nothing is impossible with God."

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Prepare Him Room with Pastor Peter James

This week starts the church season of Advent, a time of expectation and waiting for the birth of Christ. We start our sermon series in Luke to following along the build up of the Christmas story starting with a story of hope.

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